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Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Years Eve

Happy NYE!
I am sure we all have many things to say about the ending of this year. I can say it has been a year of remarkable growth and resilience! Several things I hadn't anticipated which ended up supporting my next level. I could have looked at these situations as bad, unfair, or unsavory. Yet, given my mission in life. I chose to be a narrator of possible outcomes.
Do you remember the books where you could choose your own adventure? That is a model I value very highly in my own life. As I do not believe there is only one way to get to the end, AND it's not satisfying to me to choose the safest path. hahaha
Life is a gift, a miraculous gift. It begs for us to be adventurous and try things outside of convention. Magic exists from within our own hearts. It manifests from the same place. The more we access from within the more we see outside of us.
This year my intention is ACTION. I will be taking actions that support my legacy in life.
Looking over the last four years I have fulfilled each intention, it wasn't linear of clean. I wove and bobbed, brought in new ideas that helped to support my intention.
2017--No Limits
Cheers to another adventure in living. Let's see where ACTION takes me! Wishing you all the best. Much gratitude for your part in my journey. 
Where are you planning to set sail in 2019? Let's build the energy of shared intentions! Comment below.

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