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Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Trails in Life

This being the first day, in the last month of 2018. I find myself being reflective. Looking over the past year--the changes--the trials--the births. It has been a magnificent year of transformation, not only for me but my entire family. Our daughter started high school. Our eldest son is learning how to drive (another blog on this soon!). Our youngest son is adjusting to being the of the last Hopkins at his Middle school. During all of their transitions and growth, I too had the birth of my book, my opportunity to teach and continue to learn the fine art of holding space for groups. It hasn’t been without difficulty. As one may imagine growth doesn’t come with immediate mastery. There are many pebbles and stumbling blocks along the way.

 My ego bruised--my identity shaken--my old skin sloughing. I am not the same woman I was when 2018 began! My guess is, neither are you! There was little chance of any of us being the same at the end. This year was magically orchestrated by the alignment of retrogrades. Time went backward through; Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, and Pluto. To find out the ways they can affect us, read here:

 The gift in the mess is discovering more of who I am and what I am capable of. Where my limits are, and whether or not it is time to move beyond the limitations. One such limitation is being a teacher to my student driver. I am finding that there are still areas of control that are rising up for me to be aware of and work through. Even more interesting to me, is seeing how the map of my life has been built over many years, but not miles! As Alex is learning to navigate which roads lead to familiar places. I am reminded of how I traveled along the same roads in my youth. I would come to the neighborhood we are now living, to visit a friend of mine. Though I was living in another city at the time, I learned to take two buses to get to her house. That house is only one mile from my current home and up the street from where our children attend school!

 It makes me think of ant colonies and how they have intricate highways.
 How often do they abandon what they have come to rely on, to rebuild elsewhere?
 How far away is it really?
 What did it take for them to leave?

 I have traveled most of the United States and a few countries Internationally, yet, here I am teaching Alex the same map that I grew up with. With all of the changes and experiences I have had in this lifetime, why do I live in the same proximity as my youth? Following the same routes and highways? Is it true that the more things change, the more they stay the same?

 With that said, it’s in the awareness that I can begin to create a new pathway, venture farther than what is familiar and broader than what I have known. It begins with choice and direction.

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