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Friday, January 11, 2019

I don't know.... or Do you?

You say you don’t know
But you do
You pretend you don’t know
But you do
You believe you don’t know
But you do

The difficulty is claiming your knowing
Owning what you know this moment
Making what is true for you known
Accepting the outcome

Our mind will convince us of just about anything to keep us where we are
It’s not that our mind doesn’t like us
Our mind is trying to keep us safe
Out of any perceived threat

Being known is scary
Being responsible is scary
Standing in the flames of your own fire is terrifying!

Sticking with I don’t know
Dishonors all that you are
All that you are capable of achieving
It keeps you in a tiny place

You are bigger than you can comprehend

When that voice creeps in and begins to say “I don’t know.”
With the next breath ask;
What are you afraid to say?
What are you afraid to know?
What are you afraid to see?
What are you afraid to claim?
Are you willing to be curious?
Are you willing to investigate?

And if you still don’t know

Leave SPACE to find out

I don’t know is a beginning, not an end.
-Brigid Hopkins Jan 11 2019

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