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Why choose Brigid?  

"Anyone who is open and honest with themselves about how they are living their lives – and who might be interested to improve their well being, should work with Brigid Hopkins.

I was feeling very out of control. At 48 years old I had been married for the first time for 7 years, become a mother for the first time at 44 and lost my mother at 43. I was working full time in a very high-stress corporate job in mid-town Manhattan and I felt like the walls were constantly closing in and that I could not get a grip on how to not only stay above water but actually live well and as fully as possible emotionally. I had been in classic therapy for specific reasons over the years – to end a relationship that was not going anywhere, to bridge some of the gaps with my husband, or to discuss my mother’s dying and death – but at this time I had no time for that. A dear friend from college who is a bit more plugged into alternative approaches than me recommended I talk with Brigid.

I had a minute during regular working hours to speak. She answered right away – which is very rare to begin with these days – and after about 3 minutes, she asked me – “what is it that you would like to shift at this time?” I thought the question was brilliant and so spot on at that moment!

I said I had three areas to shift: the way in which I relate to my current work as a Human Resource professional – as well as try to move to a brave place of figuring out a different way to make a living – to behave differently in my marriage in terms of how I react to my husband’s communication style and life perspectives and culture and to begin to take a different approach with my father – because for my entire life of birth-48 I have not been able to engage with my father in any positive way due to his narcissism. Easy right? I asked if she could work with me at hours outside of the classic work day. She right then and there said sure. She met me emotionally and practically exactly where I needed to be – and continues to do that each week and each month.

I work with Brigid over the phone and with exercises in between phone calls – to slowly break lifelong habits, personal stories, emotional peeling back the layers and working with me slowly but surely to create a better life.  

We work on helping me notice that I am important and valuable and that my opinion is important and that my thoughts are important and many times very right and correct not only for me but for those around me. This awareness is building my self-confidence that was so so very low for all of my life. The process is slow but there are real moments in the past 10 weeks that I can actually feel in my chest that there is a slight genuine movement in how I feel about situations I am engaged in. This is with leadership at work, my husband and even my father.

Brigid helps me to really understand the motivation and limits of other people so that when I am reacting, I am taking on less of the overall outcome as only my issue. Again – this work is very very nuanced and very very hard. But I am starting ever so slightly, to feel a tiny bit lighter. I fall back constantly to old patterns of thinking – guilt, feeling scared of outcomes, unable to have pure fun – but Brigid is helping me to see that those thoughts are not the only thoughts I can have – and that it is possible to live in a more peaceful, happy way.

She has gently helped me to interact with my father and brother differently, which is unprecedented. She is also helping me forgive myself and be good to myself on a daily basis. This act is very challenging to me up until this moment.

My body and soul feel exercised like never before and I am truly thankful I have met Brigid and am able to work with her. She is giving me hope. Hope in general and hope specifically. She also gives me possibility. " S.H.

"Brigid is a gift of a human. Healer, wisdom teacher, cheerleader, coach. She has a way to gently but directly get quickly to the root of the problem and help you shift your perspective. I’ve learned and grown more from Brigid in a few months than from years of traditional psychotherapy. I recommend her to all of my friends who are dealing with a life issue. She’s a blessing" A.P. 

"Brigid is a beautiful and wise soul. She provides the perfect tools for one to excavate their own clarity and helps to guide one’s self to use their own power to move in the directions that they wish.  She truly helps to birth each person’s own beautiful Epiphany with which to move forward." - N.D.

"I had my first session with Brigid. She is a natural intuitive coach.  I loved her ability to be empathic and her kindness. As the session began I was a little nervous. She was able to help me feel calmer within minutes and the session just flowed in a natural way. Brigid helped me to understand how my brain works and how I am able to change things in my life which I have been stuck at for over 15 years. She was able to give me a different perspective on things and how I can change my life to be more peaceful.  After the session, I felt more peaceful and capable. Within the next 24 hours after the session, I could already feel a shift within me which made me feel excited about what the future is holding for me. I can only recommend Brigid as a coach!" -J.F. 

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